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traffic jams and a root canal. finally, the ugly. we showed you a picture of this guy earlier in the week. now video emerged him being duct taped to a plane seat. the 46-year-old got a little rowdy after getting drunk on board that flight. he was heading to see his fiancee. >> time for your brew on this question of the day responses. we told you about a colorado state senator pushing for parents to be allowed to buy their 18-year-old children booze at a restaurant or at a bar. >> we wanted to know if you think parents should be able to do that or is it a bad idea? here are some of your responses. david said great idea. parents often do it here in australia and it works well. kevin e-mailed us saying they need to go a step further. 18-year olds should be able to drink period. they can die for their country. why can't they drink? james said alcohol is a
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mind altering and addictive drug. why would any parent give this substance to a child? thanks for your responses. "fox & friends" starts now. >>gretchen: good morning. today is wednesday, january 9, 2013. the push to control guns starts today and the man in charge at least on capitol hill is vice president joe biden. we are live in washington with what we think his plan might be. >>steve: the president's latest nomination running into major resistance from both parties. but somebody is stepping in to help. wait till you hear who is funding the fight. remember this guy? he got so drunk at a flight he had to be duct taped to his seat. if you thought the pictures were bad, wait till you see the video of him getting taped up.
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>>brian: "fox & friends" starts now. >>brian: i wonder if that guy was going on vacation? >>gretchen: he was apparently. he was going to the caribbean to meet his girlfriend. the only problem was he was groping other women on the flight. >>brian: that and the fact he drank an entire bottle of whiskey. the thing is if he wants to look at his vacation photos, everyone in america has them. the only thing about this story is i'd love to go to iceland. >>steve: he's going from iceland to new york eventually to the caribbean. >>gretchen: iceland was the hit place a couple of years ago. we saw a bunch of people in hot tubs. >>steve: natural springs. >>gretchen: then something happened. >>brian: i think the economy collapsed. >>gretchen: we've got to get to headlines. the widow of the million-dollar lottery winner says she has no idea
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who poisoned her husband with cyanide. she said he had no enemies. the store clerk who sold the lucky ticket described him as a friendly guy. >> good sense of humor, working-type of guy. when he comes in, always appreciative person. >>gretchen: his wife said she prepared his last meal the night before he died. at the dinner, his daughter from a prior marriage. >> the state department says no date for hillary clinton's testimony has been formally set. the flu taking control around hospitals across the country. in chicago emergency rooms
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are turning sick people away because they are too swamped. 18 children have died so far from the flu. >> looking for work? how is this for a royal assignment? queen elizabeth needs a general catering assistant also known as a dishwasher at buckingham palace. according to the ad, male and female applicants must be happy to travel and work at other royal residences in the u.k. and weekends. the salary is $22,775 a year. >>brian: we have a lot to get to today. in just a few hours the white house will begin its push to try banning assault weapons. vice president joe biden will meet with gun control organizations and gun violence victims groups. but tomorrow he's expected to meet with strong resistance when the n.r.a. meets with the task force. peter doocy live in washington. >> eric holder is going to be at today's white house
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meeting with representatives for victims of gun violence and advocates of gun safety. part of the that effort that the vice president is spear heading to come up with recommendations for changes to gun laws. it will be part of a similar meeting in d.c. tomorrow but they are likely to strike out at the white house with their proposal to put armed guards in schools. >> i think if the president said he doesn't want to prejudge any recommendations that any stakeholder might present. he did in his "meet the press" interview respond to a question about the specific recommendation that the n.r.a. had made, by saying that he was skeptical that putting more guns in schools would solve this problem. >> president obama has already told congress he wants them to put legislation on the books banning assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.
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he also wants them to close loopholes in the background check system. but one new member of congress, republican tom cotton of arkansas, doesn't think prohibition will make much of a difference. he thinks the focus should instead be mostly on treating the mentally ill. >> i don't think there are gun control measures that could have prevented the newtown killings or most other mass measures. the key measure we could adopt is to prevent the dangerously mentally ill from getting firearms in the first place. that's where some of the key solutions will come, i believe. >> new york's democratic governor andrew cuomo wants to roll out new gun control measures tonight, according to wcbs news. the report, govern cuomo would like to announce new restrictions on assault weapons and high-compass parliamentary inquiry magazines as well as -- high capacity magazines. >>brian: thanks for the live report. the president has nominated a couple of people, new
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c.i.a. guy, brennan and hagel to be his defense secretary. we've talked in the past a little bit about brennan's problems. it's very clear that hagel could actually be the most divisive nomination fight in the senate since, what was it, 20 years ago when president george herbert walker bush nominated tower for defense secretary. >>brian: he didn't get it. >>steve: he absolutely did not get it. the conventional wisdom is hagel will probably sail through eventually. he won't get borked. but why did the president pick this guy when he could picked somebody like michelle flourney who would be the first female secretary of defense who everybody likes a lot. >>gretchen: who is that? >>brian: she's been in the pentagon. >>gretchen: i never heard her name as an option. for me, there's two reasons why this will not be a
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problem for chuck hagel in the long run. first of all, are the american people paying attention to this? i mean, i think if you could get the american people involved and they start representatives and say i have a problem with this or i light chuck hagel, then it becomes a hotter topic and you might see some sort of possibility that it doesn't happen. but if you don't get the american people involved, i think it is an easy situation for him. people talk about political capital. why would the president do this kind of fight? he was elected for four more years. to me, this president has shown in the first four years that he's willing to go to battle for these types of things because remember when he won the first election, one of the first thing he said was "i won the election." >>steve: after george bush and george bush lost all his political capital by the time katrina hit. he was not able to use his political capital to get social security passed. that was after winning the election and beating john
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kerry. >>brian: what is wrong -- what are the challenging things about senator hey dell? number one, he's for without preconditions sitting down with iran. he says sections wouldn't talk. he says it is a good idea for israel to talk directly with hamas. hezbollah is an organization we should be engaged with. he went against the surge, was with president obama. this is one last time to say the bush administration and the bush policies were going the exact opposite way. senator ted cruz, one of the up and coming stars on hannity last n.i.h. >> he was reelected and at this point he thinks he can do nothing wrong. he went through the fiscal cliff, got exactly what he wanted in the fiscal cliff. take the hagel nomination, for example. they floated this trial balloon for several weeks, and you saw a number of republicans come out against it. you saw crickets chirping amongst democratic senators. typically one floats a
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trial balloon. it was clear there was strong opposition to chuck hagel and president obama decided he didn't care. he was going to force it through and pick this fight because i think politically he thinks he can pick any fight he wants. >>gretchen: that is my point. there is no such thing in my mind as political capital anymore when you're elected to a second term. i just don't believe there is. maybe there's legacies. but to me, political capital -- >>steve: it depends on how you use it. there are a lot of people on the political right who are saying he's poking his finger in our eye. maybe it's payback for susan rice. what it boils down to regarding chuck hagel is he is hard on israel and he is soft on iran. nonetheless, there is great big ads on "politico"'s play book that are touting mr. hagel. as it turns out, they have done some checking into it and there is a guy who is a big funder of media matters who is doing the funding. he is a guy by the name of bill benter, a major donor to media matters, also a
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contributor to j. street. he gave media matters money to support the works of m.j. rosenberg who had been their foreign policy guy for awhile until last year when alan dershowitz was talking about he is an extremist and the white house has to walk away from him. m.j. was eventually fired from media matters. nonetheless media matters is producing content pushing hagel. >>brian: that's fascinating, that they get involved at this level. let's talk about a bigger story. what about miss alabama? miss alabama was the story because notre dame did not show up on the big night for monday night football so brent must -- musburger was skraoepg for anything of interesting. he found miss alabama. she became a bigger story than the game. why don't we listen when brent musburger noticed miss alabama in the stands.
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>> you see that lovely lady? she is miss alabama. that is a.j.'s girlfriend. you quarterbacks, you get all the good-looking woman. what a beautiful woman. a.j. is doing some things right. if you're a youngster at alabama, starting getting a football out and throw it around the backyard with pop. >>brian: in the end they apologized for brent musberger going over the top. she said the comments were kind of nice. i didn't see it as creepy at all. >>gretchen: that's what i said yesterday when i hadn't heard him say it live on tv. it is my general gut reaction. first of all, she made a name for herself before this football game. she actually did win miss alabama. she graduated from auburn. she is not currently miss
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alabama. she happens to be the girlfriend. what i said yesterday they usually blame the girlfriend for being too attractive. she is probably smart too. >>steve: donald trump saw the brouhaha regarding this, realized she is suddenly a very famous person. she is on the cover of the new york post today as the real winner of the college bowl game. and he has now invited her to be a judge at the upcoming miss u.s.a. pageant in las vegas. pwroeupb over 2 -- >>brian: over 210,000 followers for her. one of them is a cardinals player who tweeted her. he thought he was direct messaging her and he didn't. it went to everybody. >>steve: sent his phone number. let's go to a strip joint. she evidently has not taken up on it. a.j. said better keep dreaming like the rest of these dudes. she works at chick-fil-a.
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she did great missionary work. she opened a dental clinic in india. she enjoys paint balling. >>brian: you know how they first met? they encountered each other on twitter and they didn't meet until the pageant last month. and now she is considering moving to alabama to be close to him. >>steve: why doesn't president obama nominate her as secretary of defense. everyone seems to like her. >>gretchen: secretary of interior maybe. would you like a pink slip with that side of fries? >>steve: a highway in florida looking more like the wild, wild west. [ male announcer ] every day, thousands of people like you, are choosing advil®
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>>brian: obamacare strikes again. more fast food chains saying they'll cut back hours in order to sidestep massive costs associated with the new health care program -- excuse me, the new health care law. >>steve: stuart varney is here with fallout. let's take folks out to nebraska where a wendy's franchisee is saying i'm going to have to cut your hours. >> 11 locations primarily around omaha, 300 people who currently work for wendy's will have their hours cut to a maximum of 28 hours per week. that puts them in the part-time category. that means they do not have to have health insurance from their employer under the health care law. if you're an operation and you've got 50 or more employees, you must offer health insurance. if any of them works more than 30 hours a week.
3:19 am
if you're that kind of size of a company and you want to avoid the rising cost of health insurance, you cut people down to under 30 hours per week -- make them part-timers. this is extremely bad news for a lot of people in the restaurant business. a lot of these people are second and third incomes for their household. >>brian: those are the people it should help. >> precisely. it is the very people whom this act is hurting. >>bernie: we had the c.e.o. of applebees. he said he had some employees who wanted to pick up extra hours but not go over that threshold until we put them in different applebes. they said you can't do it. it is total hours within the organization. this president didn't figure there would be a reaction to these laws. he figured it would be business as usual. >> he defined full-time work down. you and i might think of a full-time job as 40 hours a week. now it's 30 hours a week.
3:20 am
more and more people are caught in this -- employers that is, giving health insurance. while health insurance is going up 6.5% in cost this year and 58% of employers are thinking i've got to get around this somehow or another. >>steve: until you said the 30 hours, it never dawned on me. they have redefined now what full-time is. once you get 30 hours, you get the benefits. >> it particularly hits the restaurant business. you've already had olive garden, darden restaurants. some denny's have threatened to put prices up because of this increased cost. everybody is trying to get around it, pushing people out of the health care system into medicaid. >>brian: varney has more of this at 9:20 eastern time. the only one with a promo with a full torso shot. we're going to look into that. >> it's an old shot. >>brian: it looks good. you should see your
3:21 am
abdominals. straight ahead, a lotto winner poisoned with cyanide. police missed it for months. is it the perfect murder? dr. michael baden knows how it works and he's next. >>brian: the guy so wasted on a flight had to be duct taped. wait until you see the video of that plane wreck. hot mess. hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy.
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>>steve: quick headlines for you. all u.s. troops may be out of afghanistan by december 2014. the obama administration says it has no plans to keep troops there unless afghan president hamid karzai requests them to
3:25 am
stick around. the news comes days before president obama is set to meet with mr. karzai. is lance armstrong about to come clean about doping? he's given a tell-all interview to oprah winfrey. he's always denied it. the oprah show airs january 17. >>gretchen: here's a big mystery. one day he was jumping for joy, the winner of a one million-dollar lottery prize. by the following month urooj khan was dead. now authorities believe his death was no accident, once classified as natural causes, cardiac, something or another. now it appears he was poisoned, a lethal dose of cyanide in his blood. did his winning lead to murder. they did not do an autopsy, 46 years old. why? >> i think it should have been done.
3:26 am
a young person, 46, with no past history of any kind of illness, generally an autopsy would be done. they did draw blood and gave the body back to the family. the body is buried now and is going to be he can -- is going to be exhumed. the toxicologist didn'tor cyani. when somebody told them there would be an issue, they went back to the specimen of blood already drawn and found a lethal death of cyanide and changed the death certificate to cyanide poisoning. homicide. >>gretchen: somebody was on to this. we don't know why. but they called. the wife says she was the last to serve him dinner, that he had no enemies and her stepdaughter, child from another marriage, was also at dinner. tell me how somebody can get their hands on cyanide. >> cyanide can be obtained over the internet.
3:27 am
photographers use it, engravers use it and certain businesses, rodenticides. somebody can get it. they grind it down from a large pill or something and put it in food. most people would not appreciate that there was anything -- soup or salads or something. >>gretchen: they wouldn't know it. >> some people can smell amins. it has an amin smell. 40% of people can smell it but they still wouldn't know about it. >>gretchen: you believe they actually should not exhume the body. why? >> the purpose isn't to find out the cause of death because they already found the cause of death. what it may be, to determine how it was given. is there cyanide in the stomach which would indicate it came in food, because it can also be inhaled. gas chambers that we had depended on cyanide.
3:28 am
it is inhaled. also they put down, arterial heart disease. if there is going to be a murder trial it is important to determine whether he had heart disease. there are purposes for doing it but not for whether or not -- >>gretchen: cyanide killed him. >> the body can make cyanide afterwards. the amount of cyanide wouldn't be very important in the exhumation. >>gretchen: thank you for your expertise. more names of gun owners were leaked. we'll tell you who's putting lives in danger. then the coolest gadgets you've seen. clayton morris is in vegas. what do you have? >> a fork that claims to help you stop eating. we'll show you that. plus great kids toys. legos out with mind storm.
3:29 am
how about this? a pinball machine for your house. no quarters. i want this for my basement. this is probably something kate middleton could get in the royal plaza over in england. she is 31 years old today. we'll show you more kids gadgets from "fox & friends" at the consumer [ female announcer ] caltrate's done even more to move us. because vitamin d3 helps bones absorb calcium, caltrate's double the d. it now has more than any other brand to help maximize calcium absorption. so caltrate women can move the world.
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>>steve: a new study found babies in the united states are watching too much television. yeah >> parents were like i think we saw that last thursday on date line. actually it was fry. whatever can bring parents together. >>brian: the television can be a great baby sitter for infants. >>steve: or your animals. right now how many dogs are watching? >>gretchen: dogs can't see the tv? dogs don't have 3-d vision. >>steve: dogs can't see the tv? remember that scene in the movie "skrooged" where the man said i've done studies and there are millions of pets out there and they are fascinated by television. >>gretchen: if you're a vet, e-mail us right now.
3:34 am
can dogs see the tv screen. maybe they can in vegas where clayton is right now. there is more unveiled at the electronics show in vegas. he's back with cool toys. there was the phone yesterday. that was so cool, clayton. >> that was cool. i know what you're talking about, the dogs television channel. i haven't seen that here this morning. how about half a fork. this is a fork that claims to actually lose weight. it's got blue-tooth technology. it vibrates to let you know how many bites you're taking. slow down. if you're taking too many bites per session, it will vibrate to let you know to slow down. it will monitor your calorie intake and tell you to put the fork down, you've eaten too much. these are some prototypes. >>brian: let's see the un-half a fork. my fork buzzing me. >>gretchen: somebody will be murdered over that thing. >> here's something you
3:35 am
need, brian, to keep you off your lead foot. folks at cobra electronics won awards for their radar system. it pairs with their iphone. here is their brand-new one. it pairs with your smart phone. the data base is updated twice daily. if tkpwre shepb speeds -- if gretchen speeds by on the highway an hour ahead of time, when brian speeds by he'll see it on the data base because she put that information in ahead of time. award-winning. these folks make all kinds of stuff. >>brian: that relies on people to use it as a social media thing to input where the speed traps are? >> exactly. they have their data base updated by people like you and me. they also have all of those red light cameras already built in and they know all the different radar detectors police are using from state to state. it makes you a more alert driver, not a faster driver. it makes you more aware of what's going on on road, which is pretty cool.
3:36 am
when i was a kid i was playing with legos. this is the 15th year legos has come up with the mind storm system. it forces kids to take all these legos pieces, one unit of electronics and build incredible gadgets. they have different reptiles here. these are the reptar. a snake that reaches out and fake bite you, you have this. kids build all of this from the ground up and they get to interact with this and control it. and get to frighten their sisters with it as well. there's a little gun one over here too. this is so cool. there we go. >>gretchen: it's still moving. >> the coolest thing in the world. it has a little gun. i'm going to fire at the camera. are you ready for it? there we go. if i could have fired this -- this is dog television. >>brian: that would be good for the cat.
3:37 am
>> finally -- i would have wanted these growing up. a pinball machine for your house. no quarters needed. it's a compact system. it fits in your house. you can get transformers, star wars. they have avengers. full music. i was trying to get 80,000 points. you can line them up in your basement, have the kids over. like having an arcade in your house. >>gretchen: how much is that thing? >> do we have a price on this? they haven't announced a price. this is the first time $this one is $2,500. >>brian: clayton, thanks a lot. also hope you have $250 on you. that's how much the legos costs. clayton, thanks. >>gretchen: he doesn't care. >> we were talking about animals watching television. if you have a pet that watches "fox & friends,"
3:38 am
snap a photo of your critter and e-mail it to us at friends at fox news. >>steve: maybe you work in the zoo and hippos are watching. your headlines. first, the journal news editors published the names and addresses of every legal gun permit holder in two new york counties. now another media outlet is following suit. the blog gawker publishing 446 pages with the names of every legal licensed gun owner in new york city. the website defends publishing the information since it's public information they say. >>brian: prosecutors expected to call last witnesses in the preliminary hearing for the accused dark knight hearing james holmes. yesterday f.b.i. agents described the deadly holmes left for police in his apartment. he set his computer to blast music hoping the police would be lured into his apartment.
3:39 am
>> it's upsetting. it's sick. how can you be okay with that? you had months. >>brian: the f.b.i. revealing holmes spent months buying bullets and body armor. >>gretchen: deputies looking more like matadors now. [inaudible] >>gretchen: a bunch of bulls crashed in florida. three got loose. one was especially aggressive. the deputy managed to dodge that attack. minutes later a bull charged another deputy and hit him head on. he's okay. >>steve: remember this guy? a guy so drunk he had to be duct taped to his plane seat? now a video emerged of him. you can see flight attendants ripping off the
3:40 am
tape and placing it over the man's mouth. that's not smart if he's drunk. the 46-year-old got a little too rowdy during the flight after throwing back bottles of whiskey and schnapps. he was on his way to visit his phian say. she -- to visit his fiancee. she must be very proud of him. in a few hours robert griffin iii will have total reconstructive surgery on his right knee. it is confirmed rg3 had torn a.c.l. and l.c.l. ligaments. recovery should take between six and eight months. that same knee had been operated on in 2009. the good news for fans is theoretically he should be ready for the 2013 opener. one day after winning his fourth national title. alabama coach is making it clear he wants to stay at
3:41 am
alabama. >> how many times do you think i've been asked this question? how many times do you think i've been asked to put it to rest? this is where i belong, and i'm really happy and at peace with all that. >>brian: he gave himself 24 hours to celebrate and obviously still on cloud nine. saban coached the dolphins for two years. didn't go year. decision day for baseball's hall of fame. seven time m.v.p., home run king, 72 home runs in a single season, best ever, accused of taking steroids by anyone gifted enough with the gift of eyesight. barry bonds is up. roger clemens, seven cy youngs, he's up. mike piazza, nothing proven but a lot whispered. i don't know if he's going to get in. he's faced with questions about that. sammy sosa who forgot how
3:42 am
to speak english in front of congress. mark mcgwire admitted using performancen hansing drugs and he hasn't gotten heat at all. it makes you think craig viggio will make it in. he's got over 3,000 hits and never been linked to performance enhancing drugs. you've got jack morris who will probably get in. but when you have pete rose not in the hall of fame and now you're about to see the home run king barry bonds not in the hall of fame, it shows you baseball has problems with its recent past. >>gretchen: emergency rooms across the country struggling to keep up with all the people coming in with flu-like illnesses. at least one hospital in pennsylvania forced to set up special tents outside of the hospital. this as 29 states are reporting extremely high numbers of flu. the latest on what health officials are dealing with.
3:43 am
good morning. >> good morning. the flu is hitting harder and earlier than usual. here in cuyahoga county which includes cleveland, 134 cases of the flu were reported last week. that number is up 73 from the week before according to the board of health. some hospitals in northeast ohio are putting restrictions in place. lake health urgent care, about 30 minutes east of cleveland, they are packing patients in yesterday and even calling in additional staff members to deal with the influx of patients. they are also limiting visitors at two of the hospitals they put temporary restrictions where they are only asking that visitors who are 19 and older come in. they have also asked if you come in to only bring two healthy people with you per patient. they are also asking adults with flu or flu-like symptoms within the past seven days not to visit. those are just temporary restrictions, but a lot of companies having people call out.
3:44 am
they're just asking if you are sick to please stay home and heed all the warning signs. guys, back to you. >>steve: thank you very much. a tent is probably a pretty good idea. this year the needle is really, really little. you don't even feel it. our whole family had it in one sitting. >>brian: i saw a study. nobody's cried. >>gretchen: i have to tell you that if my kids -- i tell them if they don't cry, they get a small, little toy. and they're pretty strong. >>brian: during "born free" they wept. straight ahead, did you just get the brand-new iphone. what if we told you it's about to get a lot cheaper? >>steve: she woke up to find a stranger sleeping on her couch, and so she got out her machete. >> you need to sit right here. you've got to wait for the cops. cops. you're going to 50% mor.
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3:48 am
>>steve: he would have turned 100 years ago. even though it has tphaoerlt been 40 years -- nearly been 40 years since the end of his presidency, richard nixon was a commanding figure. his achievements foreign and domestic won him that reelection in a landslide way but during that reelection is when it all seemed to get overwhelmed. we're talking watergate. joining us is the editor of "national interest" and author of rating the presidents. robert, what do you think about when you think of nixon and his legacy on his 100th birthday? >> first of all, i can't imagine that he's 100 years old today. i remember when he ran in 1960, i was 14 years old and i supported the guy. what i think about nixon is that watergate unfortunately wipes away many significant accomplishments he brought about for our country. it's kind of not entirely fair. but then life and politics isn't always fair. >>brian: number one, when you talk about foreign,
3:49 am
talk about opening the gates to china, reaching out to them successfully and staying in touch for decades to follow. >> it is important to remember when he took office vietnam was a cancer on the body politic. it was a terrible situation in the country. we were losing a lot of young boys every week and every month. but it was also tearing the country apart domestically. he had to win his way through that situation. the interesting thing about nixon and vietnam is he never talked about winning the war because he didn't think it was possible. he talked about winning the peace and ending the war. he considered victory to be impossible and defeat to be unthinkable. and, therefore, he brought about one of the greatest military retreats in the history of the world really. >>brian: when you talk about domestic policy, he was the one who pulled us off the gold standard and people are debating whether that was a wise move or not. >> nixon was an activist president and believed in regulation. he fostered the
3:50 am
environmental protection agency, osha, the safety -- occupational safety and health administration, various other regulatory agencies. but it's true he did have an economic policy that i don't think was all that sound. >>brian: you talk about a guy that has a rich legacy that people are still studying. he was a significant player even after he left office as we found out in subsequent administrations leading up to bush 43. robert merry, thank you. look forward to reading your book "rating the presidents." 51 minutes till the top of the hour. it is still secret: who is more popular? congress or cockroaches? stick around for a poll that could have cockroaches cheering. >> she woke up to find a stranger sleeping on her couch so she grabbed a machete. >> you need to sit right
3:51 am
here. you're going to jail. >>brian: that mom joins us live. and i will sit right here until she shows up. this is america. we don't let frequent heartburn come between us and what we love. so if you're one of them people who gets heartburn and then treats day afr day... block the acid with prilosec otc and don't get heartburn in the first place! [ male announcer ] e pill eachmorning. 24 hours. zero heartbur because the portions were much larger. and i just felt like i needed to eat it all because it was so yummy. weight watchers online worked for me because it lets me live my life. i can still go out with my friends.
3:52 am
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3:53 am
3:54 am
>>brian: imagine this. you wake up and find a complete stranger asleep on your couch. most people might run away but not this military mom from california. >> typical mom; right? i go over there and slap his feet off the couch, like what are you doing with your feet up on my couch? i'm like are you kidding me? bam! you need to sit right here, and you need to sit right here. you've got to wait for the cops. >>steve: there she is, the machete mom joining us
3:55 am
from sacramento. good morning to you, machete mom. >> good morning. >>steve: you got up on a morning in november, 6:45. you're a little groggy. you head over to the coffee pot and you see a total stranger asleep on your couch? >> totally. complete stranger. i cannot believe it. >>steve: i can't believe it either. personally it would have scared the living daylights out of most people. however, you have the wherewithal to start yelling at him not because he had broken into your house but because he had eaten all your chinese food? >> exactly. do you know how hard it is to find good chinese food? i am so serious. i can't believe it. then he ate my carmels. i'm like all bets are off now. >>steve: the guy was not crazy at that point. he was relatively sed date. you said can i make you a cup of coffee, and what did you do? >> i was asking him what time he had gotten there.
3:56 am
he said 4:00, 4:30. i realized he had kicked the window in, my sliding glass door window. i said you look a little groggy, son. sit right there. i'm going to make you a cup of coffee. that's when i went back and got my machete. >>steve: the thing looks like it is about two feet long. when the guy on the couch saw you had a machete, i would imagine he was ready to do anything you said. >> i would hope he would cooperate. that would be very helpful. >>steve: i woulding -- first of all, i probably would have dashed out or called the police at that point. next to the guy was a bag. it had your laptop and it had your camera and your video and all that stuff. eventually you did call your son and said come on over here. he had just gotten back from afghanistan. >> correct. >>steve: the police came but you're not going to press charges. why? >> because he was such a polite young man.
3:57 am
he was like yes ma'am, no, ma'am, i'm sorry, ma'am. i don't know, ma'am, why i did this. i'll pay for everything. and he was a year older than my youngest son who just got back, like you mentioned, from afghanistan. so i really didn't want to wreck the young man's life. and i really wanted to just see him get into a program where he could get some help and everything. you know, i have three children of my own, and i'm very proud of. >>steve: unfortunately, it sounds like this happened in november, it sound like the guy has already been picked up for stealing a car. >> that's what they told me. that's what they told me. and if i would have followed my first mind, i would have prayed with the young man, because i mean he's clearly going down the wrong path. >>steve: no kidding. we completely understand. it was a nice thing for you to do. now we know stay away from her house. she's got a machete. there it is. thank you very much for joining us today from
3:58 am
sacramento. >> thank you. thank you very much. >>steve: she's my hero. >>steve: she's my hero. we'll be right back. thermacare works differently. it's the only wrap with patented heat cells that penetrate deep to relax, soothe, and unlock tight muscles. for up to 16 hours of relief, try thermacare.
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4:01 am
and i sea food differely. >> gretchen: good morning, everybody. today is wednesday, january 9, 2013. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time with us today. the push to control guns starts today on capitol hill. the man in charge is vice president joe biden. so we will be live in washington and we will tell you all about his plans. >> brian: all right. who is more popular, congress or cockroaches? stick around for a new poll. we'll have cockroaches cheering. >> steve: they can cheer? >> brian: yes. you just can't hear it. >> steve: remember the president's long list of czars, carol browner on that list. well, we want to know where czar they now and where is she? "fox & friends" hour two for wednesday starts right now. welcome aboard. "fox & friends" has been number one in the morning on cable news
4:02 am
for, i think, 11 or 12 years. >> brian: since eisenhower. >> steve: that's right. now we have graphic evidence that we could be number one with dogs as well because we have so many pictures of people who have sent in the photographs, we asked for t of your dog or cat watching television. >> brian: are we going to share them? >> steve: we will, coming up. >> brian: fantastic. >> gretchen: let's get them some nielsen ratings boxes. >> brian: right. here is hoping we have one bearded collie. >> gretchen: why? >> brian: i just think they're exciting dogs who understand programming. >> gretchen: that's why you got a we are meese mountain dog. >> brian: right. >> steve: you had a choice. >> brian: i did. that was runner up. >> gretchen: a few hours from now, vice president joe biden will meet with gun control organizations at the white house about a new push to ban assault weapons. all eyes are focused on tomorrow because the nra comest with the task force. peter doocy is live in washington. i guess it's a fair and balanced approach.
4:03 am
>> and gretchen, today's meetses with victims with advocates for gun safety is the next step of the plan president obama laid out five days after the mass murder in sandy hook, connecticut. on december 19, the president acknowledged there is no one set of laws that can prevent every senseless act of violence in society. but he said it is time to reduce the epidemic of gun violence that plagues this country. so he's got the vice president and some members of his cabinet working with outside groups to figure out the best way to do that and the national rifle association is going to stop by tomorrow. although the nra is not likely to find support at the white house for their plan to put armed guards in schools. >> i think as the president said, he doesn't want to prejudge any recommendations that any stake holder might present. he did in his meet the press interview, respond to a question about the specific recommendation that the nra had
4:04 am
made and by saying that he was skeptical that putting more guns in schools would solve this problem. >> president obama has already told congress he wants them to put legislation on the books banning assault weapons and high capacity magazines. one freshman republican congressman, tom cotton of arkansas, said he thinks the focus should be mostly on access to mental health care. >> i don't think there are gun control measures that could have prevented the newtown killings or most other mass murders. one key measure we could adopt is to prevent the dangerously mentally ill from getting firearms in the first place. that's where some of the key solutions will come, i believe. >> president obama did say back on december 19 that his task force would work on making access to mental health care at least as easy as access to a gun
4:05 am
and that group led by vice president biden has until the end of this month to make the recommendations. back to you in new york. >> steve: peter, thank you very much. meanwhile, let's stay in washington, d.c we know that congress is very unpopular. both houses of congress, house is divided. not very popular. triple p, the public polling outfit in the carolinas, did a survey and they figured out that their approval rating in congress now is at 9%. that sounds terrible. but there is some good news here. congress is actually more popular than some things, but loses to a lot of others. >> gretchen: shear who they lose to. number one, cockroaches. they're more popular than members of congress. root canals also more popular. traffic jams, and what's the next one? >> steve: nfl replacements. >> gretchen: they were not popular. remember some of those calls.
4:06 am
>> steve: here is the good news, congress. there are things and people more unpopular than you. john edwards more unpopular than you, congress. kim kardashian more unpopular. >> gretchen: i don't believe that one. >> steve: telemarketers more unpopular. north korea, more unpopular than congress. >> brian: here is the thing, i'm going to go to bat for congress for a second because you can't win. if you are someone like mitch mcconnell and you say i'm here to get things done. i'm going to use the maximum power i have. i'm going to reach across the aisle and get something done, they're gog run somebody against you. how can dee that? let's get another candidate to primary him. if you don't do anything, you're there to get something done, why don't you get something done? i'm standing for something, but you got to get something done. what do you want them o do? sit there and say, i'm only going to believe one thing or do you want thome compromise and get the best deal they can get? i wish the president would show some flexibility. when it congress shows flexibility, they're weak. when they don't, they're
4:07 am
recalcitrant. how can they win is this. >> gretchen: i totally understand your point, but i think in the mitch mcconnell situation what, peopler upset about was that it appeared in that deal that he only compromised and the president didn't. so it's not a true compromise in that sense. >> brian: the president went up -- he would say went to $450,000 as a threshold as opposed to 250. >> gretchen: but they did nothing about spending. i think that would be what people are saying. >> brian: if they get nothing done and all the taxes go up, they get low. >> steve: keep in mind, you've got the main stream media beating the drum all day long about how the republican-led house is standing in the way -- >> brian: it says nothing. >> steve: you never hear about the senate in the main stream media about how they haven't passed a budget in 3 1/2 years, something like that. it's ball those darn republicans in the house versus the president of the united states. >> gretchen: they were trying to put the attention on the senate. wasn't part of the impending negotiations now with the debt ceiling, wasn't it dependent on
4:08 am
the fact that the senate would have to pass a budget? i think they were trying to put the onus on them. it's a good idea. >> brian: do you know they have a committee system where the president is supposed to submit it to the budget committee, that they look at it and then put it to the jensenly. we don't even do that. >> steve: john boehner made it clear he's going back to the way they did it for years and years and that is out in the open, house will do its business, send it to the senate and then they'll figure it out with the president. >> gretchen: let's do some headlines for you now because the widow of the million dollars lottery winner says she has no idea who poisoned her husband with cyanide. she says he had no enemies. earlier on "fox & friends," forensic pathologist said exhuming his body could be a mistake. >> the purpose is not to find out the cause of death.
4:09 am
what it may be is determine how it was given. is there cyanide in the stomach, which would indicate it came in food? but not for purposes of whether or not -- >> gretchen: cyanide that killed him. >> because the body can make cyanide afterward. >> gretchen: his wife says she did prepare her husband's meal the night before he died. the only other person there, she says, was his daughter from another marriage. >> brian: you have the same outfit on. >> gretchen: i did? >> brian: yeah. >> gretchen: it happened to be today. january 22, that is the day that secretary of state, i believe it's a tuesday -- hillary clinton may finally testify about the deadly terrorist attack in benghazi, libya. the date was disclosed by tennessee senator bob corker, top republican on the senate foreign relations committee. but the white house says no date has been set yet. $1.6 billion in customer money disappeared without a trace under his watch. but a bankruptcy court judge is
4:10 am
letting former mf global ceo jon corzine off the hook. customers wanted the former democratic governor of new jersey deposed about the missing money. the judge says the motion lacks standing because customers are not direct creditors of the bankrupt company. >> steve: great. >> gretchen: did you just get the brand-new iphone 5? it's about to get cheaper. the "wall street journal" reporting this morning apple is working on a less expensive iphone that could be out later this year just in time for me to come into the 21st century. sources say apple would bring down costs by making the body out of plastic instead of aluminum. those with your headlines. >> brian: good, make it accessible to everybody. >> gretchen: i've been waiting for that contract to expire to get one. >> steve: hospitals across the country taking a major hit from the flu. the number of people who are sick coming in to emergency rooms is putting a strain on resources. our pal al is down in tampa now. hey, al.
4:11 am
>> good morning to you. florida is one of 42 states reporting widespread activity. nurses and doctors are seeing more patients the past three months than they did all of last year. the problem is widespread. we got video in pennsylvania to kind of give you a good idea of how bad the problem is there. they've actually set up tents down there. they've had 22 flu-related deaths to date. doctors don't think the outbreak will slow down. because of that, lee valley husband, cedar crest has set up a mobile tent to handle the surge of those with flu-like symptoms. angela, a nurse practitioner with minute clinic, located inside of cvs pharmacies. the first question i got to ask, you're also seeing an influx of patients. what can people do to prevent this from spreading more than what it is? n number one is get your flu shot. that is number one way to help prevent the flu. the other thing is good hand washing, covering cough, avoid touching face, hands. it's touching your eyes, nose, your mouth, 'cause that's a lovely place for the virus to
4:12 am
spread. >> okay. and this is -- can you get the flu from getting the flu shot? >> no, you can not. the flu shot is a deadened virus. so a deadened virus cannot give you the flu. >> over the counter medications people can take? >> if you're having the fever, chills, body aching, tylenols ibuprofen, avoid aspirin in children to prevent other complications. also always seek your doctor or you can always talk to your pharmacy, like cvs to discuss other things you can do over the counter. >> did you great. thank you very much for your time. as she was saying, health department, local clinics, speak to your doctors. it's not too late to get that flu shot. back to you in new york. >> steve: very nice. minute clinic, that's where my wife and i got our shots last year. >> gretchen: i might get one on the show live tomorrow, i think because i missed out on -- originally here at the office they provide them for us and they canceled it from the hurricane.
4:13 am
>> steve: darn it. >> gretchen: i know. have you had yours, brian? >> brian: no, i haven't. but i'm looking to get a free one, too. >> steve: let's talk to some -- call somebody from the medical a team. it's the new reality show that has people saying, we've really hit rock bottom. >> so you guys, you might be known as a rapper, but here in atlanta, he has 11 kids and baby mama. >> steve: a woman who has never petitioned anything in her life is fighting back on this one. she'll be here live. >> gretchen: he's obama's pick for secretary of defense. but some of the president's own party say they don't like him as that role. a democratic senator with big concerns joins us next my wife takes centrum silver. i've been on the fence about it. then i read an article about a study that looked at the long term health benefits of taking multivitamins.
4:14 am
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4:17 am
>> steve: republican lawmakers are taking issue with chuck hagel's nomination to head up the pentagon. but hagel faces another battle from democrats. reports suggest that he doesn't even have enough support from them perhaps and the president's own party to get through the confirmation process. maryland senator ben carden joins us live from baltimore. good morning to you. >> pleasure to be with you. >> steve: it's great to have you. i understand you asked for a private meeting with mr. hagel because you've got some concerns. what are they? >> first i think it's important that the confirmation process go forward that we have an open process, a fair process. my concerns are on his position in regards to iran. he has been -- has not been possibletive of action taken by the united states to impose sanctions. he believes we should move only with the international community. i believe it's important fort united states to lead the effort to isolate iran. so i have concern as to how he would -- his advice to the president in regards to that
4:18 am
very dangerous country. >> steve: sure. it seems like he's reluctant to impose the sanctions on iran. seems like he's soft on iran and hard on israel. a lot of people in washington have that opinion of him. >> my main concern is iran. i'm not uncomfortable with senator hagel as an individual. i know him well. i served with him in the united states senate. he's a good person. i believe he's pro-israel. but it's of concern as to how he would advise the president on the use of our military in support of our relationship with israel. that is a concern, particularly as it relates to iran. >> steve: also i understand you have a concern because mr. hagel was apparently opposed to an openly gay ambassador nominee back in the year and you just want to make sure what? >> he's used language, which i think is very unfortunate. not just once, but at least on two occasions.
4:19 am
his comments about this appointment is very troublesome. for me, it's what is his position going to be in regards to the president's policies of gays in the military? how does he feel about that? what type of advice would he give the president? these are questions that he needs to answer. >> steve: sure. one of the president's other nominees is john brennan for c.i.a. chief. it's interesting, the president didn't nominate him four years ago because he was probably a little too controversial. what's different now? >> john brennan has a very distinguished career, but i do think he, being part of president bush's administration in regards to the enhanced terrogation techniques, these are issues that during the confirmation process there will be questions that will be asked. i think there are questions he also needs to answer. he has a very distinguished career and we know the president has a great deal of confidence in him. one of the points is that the president is entitled to have his team in place. the senate has an independent
4:20 am
responsibility in the confirmation process. so we have a responsibility to ask questions. we want the president to get his team in place. but we do believe it's important that people -- we have the information before we vote on confirmation and make our own judgment as to whether this is the person who should be confirmed. >> steve: that's the way it's got to work. senator, democrat from the great state of maryland, thank you very much for joining us live from the beautiful city of baltimore. >> thank you. >> steve: have a great day. 20 minutes after the top of the hour. it's the new reality show that makes honey boo boo look good. >> so you guys, you might be known as a rapper, but here if atlanta, he's known for having 11 kids and ten baby mama. >> steve: okay. what does this say about the culture that we're in right now? that is coming up next. and the stars of the show "gator boys" are here and they brought along some friends. open wide. we'll be right back.
4:21 am
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stouffer's. let's fix dinner.
4:24 am
>> brian: news by the numbers. nearly 480 jobs, that's how many jobs georgia power says it's being forced to cut because of new federal regulations in what some call the obama administration's war on coal. next, eight days. that's how much longer you could be waiting for your tax refund this year. the late fiscal cliff deal delayed the irs from updating their systems because they didn't know what kind of system we were using. $11 million. that's how much kim kardashian and kanye west paid for this 10,000 square foot mansion in bellaire, california. they're in the process of gutting it and making it bigger, which i was going to say, how do you live in there with both of you, to include two pools, a gym, and a hair salon.
4:25 am
gretch? >> gretchen: thanks, brian. outrage called for cancellation over a new reality show. shear what it's called "all my babies mamas." and it's in development for the oxygen network. take a look at it. >> so you guys, you might be known as a rapper, but here in atlanta, he's known for having 11 kids and ten baby mama. ♪ . >> they say i'm the first lady. i'm the baby mama with the most power because i control his finances. >> gretchen: so far 30,000 people have signed a petition to stop the network from airing this upcoming show because they believe that it's offensive and humiliating to children. sabrina lamb start that had petition and she's ceo of good morning to you. >> good morning. >> gretchen: i heard the theme song from the brady bunch in that little clip.
4:26 am
i can't think of something that's more opposite of the brady bunch than this show of a guy who has 11 kids with ten different moms. why were you so upset? why do you want it canceled? >> first of all, the term, all babies mamas is a slur. it's an offense to mothers. it's an offense to innocent children who did not sign on, did not deserve to be born into chaos between two parents who have no emotional bond. so let's just start there. but then the way that this special was packaged, who knows whether it's going to ever hit the airway, is that they wanted to send this media company, wanted to send these very dangerous messages to young women. as they said in their press release in december, we want to provide overthe top moments with feisty baby mamas as they quarrel over financial support and school supplies. america has to come to terms
4:27 am
with whether or not we cherish our children or we don't. children are not to be bartered and they're sitting and they're watching the adults run this world and they're saying, why do i deserve to come into your chaos? >> gretchen: this is where we are with reality tv. how can we show something that's more outrageous than the show on last year? but this is a cultural issue for america, is it not? >> definitely. >> gretchen: if you look at the stats, the number of kids in single parents household, which we know the turnout is not as positive as a double parent household, they've gone up dramatically. now it's like we're glorifying this on a tv show. >> it's just not me, it's no longer my coalition. as a -- there is parents and things from all over the country. single mothers are saying my struggle should not be packaged for entertainment value that as the press release again from this media company said, that our young female diverse
4:28 am
audience can tweet and gossip about. again, children are innocent victims in this situation and we say that -- look, we don't have enough time to go after all the crazy adults who decide to embarrass themselves in this genre. go at it. but when you start to bring children in it, you have the world that is standing up saying enough is enough. >> gretchen: here is a statement from oxygen. it's not meant to be a stereo typical representation for any one demographic. it is a look at one unique family and their complicated intertwined life. oxygen will continue developing the show with this point of view. what that means is if it gets good rating, they'll probably spin it off. >> i would like to know which company would like to marry their valuable brand with this kind of outrage from families, from consumers, from shareholders. i would like to know. >> gretchen: one that is struggling and needs ratings. by the way, you've never done a petition in your life. >> go to forward
4:29 am
slash no oxygen. >> gretchen: thanks very much. remember the president's long list of so-called czars. carol browner was on that list. well, we want to know where czar they now. i get it. we'll tell you. first, these two editors of the journal news outed gun owners. now another media outlet is doing the same thing. is this going to become a new trend? right back. oh! progress-oh! -oh! -oh! oh! oh! ♪ wh do you know? oh! ♪ bacon? -oh! -oh! oh! [ female announcer ] with 40 delicious progresso soups at 100 calories or less, there are plenty of reasons people are saying "progress-oh!" share your story for a chance to win
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a progress-oh! makeover in hollywood. go to to enter.
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4:33 am
♪ you ain't never caught a rabbit and you ain't no friend of mine ♪ ♪ . >> steve: we were talk being young kids, babies watching television with their parents and then we were talking a little bit about how many pets watch television as well. we asked to you send us in pictures of your dogs or cats watching tv and there is rocksy watching brian this morning. >> brian: i am number one with mutts. that is good to know. look at that, watching all three of us. this is a boxer who is watching us all morning. i believe his name is gibbo. >> steve: or barbara. >> brian: okay. i'm not sure. >> gretchen: okay. the cavalier king charles,
4:34 am
brandy, watches "fox & friends" in the bathroom. >> brian: this is like royalty watching us. >> steve: hold on a second. do you notice in the background is a mirror and the owner is taking a picture and it does appear he's only wearing boxers. >> brian: wait a second, caught on camera. >> gretchen: we're fair and balanced. we've been showing miss alabama. >> steve: i'll be darn. >> gretchen: there is mr. alabama. >> steve: good morning. >> brian: listen, if you have a ferret or a cat or zebra watching us right now, send a picture of them watching us. >> steve: do not photo shop a zebra. >> gretchen: i wonder if the gator and anaconda coming up at 7:45 a.m. watch our show. >> brian: you have to be cold blooded to really enjoy it. so that works perfect. >> steve: they don't just watch tv, they're actual eon. >> brian: that will be great. so this is exciting. knowing we've conquered humans. let's go for pets. >> steve: we want to be -- we
4:35 am
know they've already got the animal planet, especially for animals, we would like "fox & friends" to be your dogs and cats' favorite morning show. >> brian: if you want a wide audience, put us on in a shelter. have all the dogs in a shelter watch. >> gretchen: the only problem i had was with the title of that banner that came across. dog and friends. >> brian: dog and friends. >> steve: fido and friends? >> gretchen: no, no, no. just if you take the fox out of "fox & friends," maybe we could get foxes to watch. >> steve: for "fox & friends" and? >> gretchen: and pets. let us know if you can think of something else. >> brian: keep sending the dogs in. we like to see more dogs. >> gretchen: and cats. >> steve: remember when the president of the united states four years ago first took office and there were a number -- rather than having some of his nominees, people he wanted to run things go through the laborious and sometimes tough sledding slope of going through for senate confirmation, what they did was they made a whole
4:36 am
bunch of czars. we used to put their pictures up, we had 25, 30 different czars. we're going to look over the next couple of days at some of the czars who were in power and where czar they now. >> gretchen: this is a touchy subject because when i was trying to be funny one day when we first started talking about the czars, i said, hey, what is the definition of a czar? i knew what the definition was, but then some tv show and blogs went after us like oh, they're so stupid on "fox & friends," they don't know what a czar is. here go again. we know what they're. carol browner was the former global warming czar from 2009 to 2011, the director of white house office of energy and employment change policy. 2009 she pushed billions of dollars for renewable energy programs into the stimulus bill. >> brian: in 2011 she was voted to eliminate the position. she's a senior fellow at the center for american progress.
4:37 am
>> steve: right. she was on our program back in 2009 where she was -- they were trying to sell the cap and trade bill to congress and we just asked her some simple questions that seemed to be begging to be answered. shear what she said about that 1,000 page bill on cap and trade. >> i know the bill over 1,000 pages long. have you read it? >> i'm very familiar with this bill. >> steve: have you read it. i'm sure you have an idea of it, but have you read it? >> i've read major portions of it, absolutely. >> steve: so the answer no, you haven't read it. but you've read a big chunk of it. >> no, no, that's not fair. that's absolutely not. >> steve: i'm asking if you read the 1,000 pages. >> i've read vast portions of it. >> steve: okay. so she didn't read it. now she is a senior fellow at the center for american progress. >> brian: she has plenty of time to read. >> gretchen: didn't cap and trade pass the house on the night michael jackson died?
4:38 am
i think it was dead then. >> steve: the nancy pelosi house. >> gretchen: yes, it did, because i remember that sort of got lost in the headlines when michael jackson died. >> steve: it was facing certain death in the senate and it never -- >> brian: just to follow up, katherine jackson ended up in charge of the estate. >> steve: good to know. >> brian: the children have stood up for their father. >> steve: we worry about blanket. >> brian: who doesn't. >> gretchen: now to your headlines. first the journal news editors, janet hasson and mcbride published the names and addresses of every gun permit holder legally in two new york counties. now another media outlet is doing the same thing. they published the names of every licensed gun owner in new york city until this is a different story. >> gretchen: the web site, whose editor in chief is a.j.delerio. he says it's public information. >> brian: the f.b.i. agent is being held up in iran.
4:39 am
we'll have that story from the gawker site. a father in china made an unusual move to get his son to stop playing video games. the idea was he would get so tired of playing it if his character kept getting killed off. in turn, he job. once the son found out, he shrugged off the virtual assassination. no word if he found the right job. i'm so confused. >> steve: a couple of loyal dogs save a missouri boy from freezing into the woods. he followed his dogs into the woods and then he got lost. when he didn't come home, his parents called in police and a search party. after five hours, they found him hiding in a ditch with his dogs lying on top of him keeping him warm. >> the dogs kept him warm. when they picked him up, it was below freezing. his feet were ice cold. the rest his body temperature
4:40 am
was fine. >> steve: he was taken to the hospital to get checked out. he has some minor cuts, but he's okay. and that dog right there, watching "fox & friends," i bet. maybe. >> brian: more than likely. >> gretchen: speaking of what to do with your cash, whether you're a young professional just starting out or ready to retire, it's always important to invest some of what you make. dave ramsey joins us now with some tips how you can adjust your savings plan to fit any stage of life. good morning. happy new year, dave. >> happy new year, guys. >> gretchen: so let's break it down between single and married folks. single person starting out, how should they invest their money? >> i think the thick thing we need to keep in mind for everyone is you have to have a long-term perspective and you need to keep it really simple. with a single person just starting out, once they're out of debt and they're debt free, everything but the house, they have the emergency fund of three to six months of expenses set aside, then we tell them to start putting 15% of their income into good growth stock
4:41 am
mutual funds inside of retirement. best thing to do is take advantage of a 401(k) if your employer matches and then do a roth. if you don't have a match, the roth ir a is the best place to start. if you're single, have somebody you're accountable to that you can talk to about this and this is not your shopping buddy. this is somebody who is doing well with money, that will kind of be an older advisor for you. >> steve: i like your last piece of advice. find an investor with a heart of a teacher. >> your investment, any time there is money folks in your life, 85% of them in the insurance world or the mortgage world or the brokerage world are salesmen. 15% are teachers. you want the teacher 'cause you want to learn. you're not just buying what someone is selling. >> brian: what's our focus if we're married with kids? >> married with kids, the only thing that really changes with that and the single is the kids got to go to college. mom and dad get all noble and sometimes they put college savings ahead of retirement
4:42 am
savings. we don't do that. there is all kinds of ways to go to college. so we're still going to do the 15% into retirement. we're still going to do the 401(k) if it matches first. but then we're going to start looking at stuff like the educational savings account, the esa, which allows you to put $2,000 a year per kid aside for college and it grows tax free. >> brian: you got the 529s, too. >> they're fine. there are several types of them. there is only one type we recommend and that's the type where you control the investments. it's not the prepaid college type. >> steve: and finally, once you got the kids through college and you're thinking about retirement, what do you start doing? >> one thing we want to do is to make sure when you're over 60 that you have a good, long-term care policy in place to take care of nursing home expense. 75% of the ladies outlive their husbands. papa goes into the nursing homes, uses up the money for the nursing home, leaving her with very little money. long-term care is a big deal. when you get to retirement t depends where you are. if you saved a bunch of money,
4:43 am
you retire and live off that. some folks are having to continue and even go into second or third careers and what's weird about that, a lot of them make a lot of money because they're actually enjoying for the first time what they do. >> steve: that's great. >> gretchen: interesting. dave, always great to see you. we'll see you next week. have a good one. >> thanks for having me. >> steve: straight ahead, don't call them the gator boys for nothing. >> he still wasn't wore out. he was just so full of energy, we had to work a little longer than you would expect. >> steve: oh, man. the stars of the show are here live with a few friends. and look, they're watching "fox & friends." that's our first anaconda. >> gretchen: first the aflac trivia question of the day. born on this day in 1978, he once legally changed his name to ocho cinco. who is he? i even know this one. be the first to e-mail us with
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>> gretchen: hunting and rescuing alligators isn't your normal everyday occupation, but for the gator boys, that's all they know. >> jimmy spun him around. but he still wasn't wore out. he was just so full of energy, we had to work a little longer than you would expect. that eight foot alligator, lightning fast like that, he has the strength to rip your leg off. >> steve: he does have enough
4:48 am
strength. why do they do it? jimmy and paul are the stars of "gator boys" and they join us now. you both have all your fingers and toes? >> right now, yeah. >> fortunately. [ laughter ] both both benefit bit. unfortunately by the -- by the grace of god, we kept everything. >> gretchen: why do you do this? >> a passion we have. some of the animals nobody really seems to care about too much. i don't know. i've got a lot of gators and i think -- they grow on you. >> brian: paul, you also do a service, too. a lot of people don't want them in their pool. >> every transplants from new york or new england move down there and find a gator in their backyard. >> steve: they go crazy. >> yeah, they don't like that. >> steve: in the new season, you're no longer in florida, in the new season. you moved to mississippi and i know i was watching some of your stuff on-line last night and with the new season in mississippi, they've got mud there that you didn't have before and when you're working with the gators, that's dangerous. >> yeah. it's a big change from florida. we didn't know what to expect
4:49 am
until we got to mississippi. and as soon as we jumped off that first boat into the mud and we sank up to our necks, we were like, what did we get ourselves into? >> brian: up to your neck? >> yeah. the mud was horrible. >> steve: the gator can be on top of the mud, but you're stuck in it and suddenly advantage gator. >> exactly. >> they're still lightning fast in that mud and we're the opposite. >> gretchen: brian and i had a chance to actually do some work with some gators recently. >> brian: if you like this footage, maybe we could work on footage. it was scaring 500,000 people. so i rounded it up. i got on its back and pressed it into the ground. >> gretchen: i took on a bigger critter. wait until you see the one that i ended up wrestling. >> steve: it's down at the villages. >> brian: yeah. >> steve: brian is doing it right there, right? >> yeah. >> brian: it looks could. so could i join you this season? >> sure. >> brian: fine. 'cause it looks easy. >> it's great for ratings. >> gretchen: they're not going to show the one i did, but i
4:50 am
wrestled a miniature one. i don't think i could handle these guys. why do you have the anaconda? >> just another pet that we get. this guy here, anacondas, if you raise them from a young snake, they tend to be one of the best snakes you can have as a pet. and this is actually a green anaconda, which is pound for pound, the heaviest snake in the world. >> brian: did you ever think you would be tv stars, paul? >> i still don't think we're tv stars. >> steve: oh, you're big tv stars. do you have trouble with animals as you go through the gate in your carry on? >> yes, sometimes. >> we get kicked off. >> steve: check out the new season of "gator boys" on animal planet. thank you very much for bringing the critters by. >> thank you for having us. >> have a good one. >> gretchen: is it this sound familiar? your boyfriend's ex still shows up to his holiday party? is that normal or nutso? dr. keith ablow's diagnosis is in. that's next. >> steve: first on this day in 1962, "the twist" by chucky with checker, number one song in
4:51 am
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4:54 am
>> brian: aflac trivia question of the day, chad johnson took that name back. the winner is john in missouri. good luck. normal or nuts, the question we ask ourselves every single day. that's why we bring in dr. keith ablow. not to judge me, he's already done that and charges may whole lot of money to judge you. you wrote us and we'll answer your questions. welcome back. >> that was easy. judging you just rolled off my tongue. >> brian: right. we're going to actually televise some of those sessions.
4:55 am
>> we should. >> brian: you got a lot of e-mails. let's begin with number one. we moved to be closer to our son and daughter a few years ago. we don't know anyone here, but our kids. they don't seem to want much to too with us. it's hurtful. but is it normal? >> it's normal. the kids are normal. i think space from family is okay. you can still have a loving family. what's a little strange is that these parents may not have taken the hint. their kids move, they move with them. and then their kids ignore them. they're like, maybe they're crazy. no, no, maybe you should move back and invite them for the next christmas, or make friends down there because you can't make your life your kids and just follow them around. >> brian: especially as they get older, i didn't go to college for this. number two, my 30-year-old got married in october. the wife didn't take his name and won't move across the country to live with him where he works. he is the bread winner. are they normal or nuts?
4:56 am
>> again here, i'm going to say normal because listen, here is the thing, traditional marriages, they're so challenged in america with more than half ending and a large proportion of the ones that are left being unhappy. if somebody finds a solution that's a little bit different, a little bit different architecture, maybe they'll live together when they have a kid. >> brian: dr. keith showing flexibility. let's go to number three. i have been dating my boyfriend for seven years. again, this is not a biographical. his ex still comes to his holiday parties f. she calls, he drops everything to help her. is this normal or nuts? >> this one is drum roll, it's nuts. why is it nuts? because this woman is under a delusion that her boyfriend has one girlfriend. the boyfriend wants her to believe that, but he has two girlfriends. and if she hasn't chosen that, which i don't think she has, then she needs to get with reality, give him space to make a decision, like all the space in the world.
4:57 am
>> brian: finally, are you going to run to be senator from massachusetts? >> all i said was i would consider it if scott brown and william weld don't run. so let's not have a contentious primary in massachusetts between good republicans. let's see if they up or not. >> brian: but you would be in if need be. >> let's talk about your marriage. >> brian: we're up against a hard break. we have my wife on the phone, oh, she just hung up. thank you for joining us. wish we had more time for that. the president's pick for secretary of defense resistance. but someone stepping in to fund that fight, dana perino here. she's not charging us anything. then she was one of the real winners of college football's title game. now a.j. mccarron has a message for america's men about his girlfriend's abs [ bells jingle ]
4:58 am
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5:01 am
with us today. the white house's huge gun control push that begins today. the man in charge is joe biden there seen in his glasses. what you need to know about the whole plan coming up. >> steve: the president's latest nominations running into major resistance, even from his own democratic party. somebody wants to help hagel and we can't wait to tell you who it is. >> brian: okay. i'll wait. then, here is the daddy and he knows it. ♪ . >> brian: that man and his entire family join us this hour 'cause "fox & friends" starts now. >> steve: we've run out of space on our server. please do not send more dog, cat or zebra pictures. >> brian: really? >> steve: yep. our mailbox is absolutely full. the last one is from dana
5:02 am
perino. we'll show you a picture of her dog, jasper, watching tv. if that's okay, if we have your permission. >> granted. >> brian: did you have to wake jasper to get him to watch our show, 'cause he's got to get ready for "the five." >> he's got a long day. but he's a young dog. he can handle it. >> gretchen: so we will have dana with us moments away. in less than three hours, joe biden will meet with gun control organizations and gun violence victims groups at the white house. it comes as president obama looks to renew now a ban on assault weapons. one republican congressman says that is not the answer to curbing gun violence. >> those bans or the assault weapons bans on the assault rifle had any measurable effect on crime. >> gretchen: the nra will meet with the task force tomorrow. the widow of the million dollars lottery winner says she has no idea who poisoned her husband with cyanide.
5:03 am
she says he had no enemies. earlier on "fox & friends," forensic pathologist dr. michael bodien said exhuming the body could be a mistake. >> the purpose of the exhumation isn't to find out the cause of death 'cause they've already found out. what it may be is determine how it was given. is there cyanide in the stomach which would indicate it came in food. there is some reason to do it, but not for purposes of whether or not it was -- >> gretchen: cyanide that killed him. >> the cause of death, because the body can make cyanide afterwards. >> gretchen: his wife says she did prepare her husband's meal the night before he died. the only other person that she says was present was his daughter from another marriage. january 22, that's the day secretary of state hillary clinton may finally testify about the deadly terrorist attack in benghazi, libya. the date was disclosed by ten continue senator bob corker. the top republican on the senate foreign relations committee. the state department says no
5:04 am
date has been formally set just yet. >> brian: espn apologizing for the announcer who was a little too smitten with alabama quarterback a.j. mccarron's girlfriend. >> i tell you, you quarterbacks, you get all the good looking women. what a beautiful woman. wow. a.j. -- >> whoa. >> doing some things right. >> if you're a youngster in alabama, start getting the football out and throw it around the backyard. >> brian: it mention that quarterback won back to back championships? the network tweeted the comments went too far. musberger wasn't the only one in awe. cardinal docker tweeted his phone number. mccarron tweeted back, better keep dreaming, like the rest of these dudes. the cardinal player thought he was direct messaging. he wasn't. webb's dad confirmed she only has eyes for a.j. >> i've been very impressed with him. he's a very good man. and i know she's impressed with
5:05 am
him. >> brian: webb says she is flattered by all the attention. >> gretchen: now they're interviewing the parents? >> steve: big story. by the way, they just met last month and initially they had an encounter on twitter. now she's thinking about leaving her job at chick-fil-a and moving down to alabama. >> brian: by the way, this just in, alabama beat notre dame. and the quarterback's parents are available for an interview. instead, they're going to the girlfriend's parents. >> gretchen: in your case, i think we need -- >> steve: dana perino joins us live. you were talking about that yesterday on "the five," i saw. >> my favorite part is the little kid looking at her kind of sideways. like she's pretty. i think it's silly for espn to apologize. >> gretchen: totally! my first gut reaction is brett husband berg service a man. >> yeah, who cares.
5:06 am
>> gretchen: yeah, she's pretty. so what? >> brian: if the game is a blowout, you got to fixate on something. >> you don't have much else to talk about. >> brian: exactly. >> steve: there is a little fellow right there. she was flattered and she likes it and now she's got a job and sounds like donald trump has hired her to be a judge. >> you never know when great things will happen in your life. >> brian: i know you want to talk about who is in the audience of national championship game. but i have an agenda. there is two people nominated for positions in this semester's cabinet. john brennan for the c.i.a. and senator chuck hagel for secretary of defense. what is your take on the president's mindset in naming two people that are controversial even for democrats? >> i imagine one of the things that they did is when you go through and you look, is you ask the president, is there anybody on your mind that you would like? maybe he gives awe few names. then you can go and look as a staff and say, let's see. does he fit the qualifications is there is there anything in
5:07 am
the background that would disqualify him or embarrass the president? you go through that list. maybe you get to the oh, formerly registered as a republican, that's good. check that box. oh, war hero. check that box. without thinking through all the way that president obama in the second term had this great opportunity to announce a fresh, now, thoughtful national security team and it's been botched from the very beginning starting with susan rice. >> gretchen: i'm not surprised by this because there has been a lot of talk, and ted cruz, the new senator from texas, talk about why would the president expend political capital on these choices? i don't think he's changed necessarily from his first term v. such a thing chaz political capital when you win a second term? >> by all accounts, president obama has enjoyed the counsel of chuck hagel and i guess john brennan as well and personally likes them and maybe he feels like that would be the best choice. maybe that's what he really wants. i think that every president
5:08 am
should -- the nominee should be allowed to at least be allowed to nominated and have a hearing and the congress can decide whether or not to confirm. this, to me, this choice was very curious because there is not that many people in washington who could name not a single friend in all of the city and there is a couple of people, one withdrew, susan rice. she had not made friends. you don't have to make friends to be a great cabinet maker. he's gog have trouble in his second term to get what he needs to get done. you have to have good relationships with congress. >> steve: he's a senator, newly elected from texas, ted cruz sees something political with this. he was on with hannity last night. >> he was reelected and at this point, he thinks he can do nothing wrong. he went through the fiscal cliff. he got exactly what he wanted in the fiscal cliff. and you take the hagel nomination, for example. they floated this trial balloon for several weeks and you saw a number of republicans come out
5:09 am
against it. you saw crickets chirping among democrat senators. typically one floats a trial balloon to get a sense of support. it was clear there was strong bipartisan opposition to chuck hagel and president obama decided he didn't care. he was going to force it through and pick this fight because i think politically, he thinks he can pick any fight he wants. >> brian: what's amazing is former democrats, none have come forward. like during the bush years and clinton years, you saw people in their party step forward. i don't see senator warner, i don't see snap manchin, i don't see harry reid, there is nobody with a profile that would stand up, take on the president, support the president. they've all just -- >> they don't seem passionate about it because they are loyal soldiers in the democratic party, they'll help him eventually. but if the best senator schumer can do is his silence for now, then he spleen going to have to at least convince them at the hearing that he's going to be willing to work with them. >> steve: do you think it's
5:10 am
curious that if you look at politico, that lefty web site on their playbook section. >> not all lefty. >> steve: there is a lot of lefty, believe me. on their political bay playbook section, there have been pro-hagel ads. as it turns out, it looks as if they're being funded by a fellow named bill bentner, a major funder of media matters, ironically. he's pushing the hagel nomination. >> they've had a brilliant marketing strategies. it sounds like it would be comment tar about the media. but media matters is basically a left wing arm to do the dirty work of what they need to get done politically. i just think for some reason, they think at the white house that all of this is making sense and that they've done some big run around against republicans. sometimes republicans just play into it as well. the hearings i think will be useful to find out what does president obama want to accomplish on foreign policy and
5:11 am
at our defense department in the next four years. and beyond, because whatever president obama policies are set will have impact for years to come. >> brian: it was two hours ago when we first put out balloon and to see if america has their pets watching our show since we have been number one with human humans. jasper stands as the leading dog in your house? >> he's the leading dog of the world. >> brian: i understand. >> this is jasper. see what hess looking at there? he has a little deformity or something happened when he was a baby. only a small ear. that's his little ear. he does like to watch tv. he watched the football game the other night. >> steve: he's a football lover? >> yeah. he also one day i turned it on, "lady and the tramp" and i was watching that. i really think he was understanding it. >> steve: did he love that scene where lady and the tramp ate the spaghetti. >> where she's crying and barking and barking, he we want like this. >> steve: how adorable.
5:12 am
>> we've gone through five territory here. >> gretchen: i was always under the impression that dogs actually can't see the television screen 'cause they see two dimensionally and not three dimensionally. >> but see, i've been watching this. with the football, he watches and also if he's watching on the computer, he follows the cursor around. >> steve: look at that. >> brian: we'll continue to follow this story. >> this will be fascinating. we should have an update for that on "the five." >> brian: we will see you on "the five" today. >> okay. >> gretchen: ho is more popular, congress or cockroaches? a new poll will have cockroaches cheering and climbing all over you. >> brian: then water boarding played a big role in the movie "zero dark thirty." it was used to nab bin laden. will that change people's minds about whether it should be used? are they being accurate in the portrayal of the interrogation practices. the man who ran that secret interrogation program, jose rodriguez, here live next to talk about it.
5:13 am
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5:16 am
>> brian: "zero dark thirty" shows the movie of osama bin laden. is it shows tough interrogation practices carried out by the c.i.a. >> i am bad news. i'm not your friend. i'm not going to help you. i'm going to break you. any questions? >> steve: we have plenty of questions, like did the film makers get part of the story wrong? joining us now is the guy who ran the c.i.a.'s secret interrogation program directly following 9-11, jose rodriguez. thanks for coming back to "fox & friends." >> good morning, guys. how are you? >> steve: doing okay. you feel that they got some stuff right and some stuff wrong. they made the enhanced
5:17 am
interrogation stuff, which was legal, look like torture and they got it wrong, didn't they? >> they got it wrong. i take objection to it because it mischaracterizes how we dealt with america's enemies. let me be clear, we did not waterboard anybody, you know. i mean, we worthboard people, but it was all legal and we did not torture anybody under the enhanced interrogation program that i ran. so the movie, most of the scenes are meant to shock and not based in reality. >> brian: which is unbelievable because they prided themselves how they went to the c.i.a. within days of the killing and got the real story. instead, they're using abu grahd that had nothing it do with the c.i.a.! >> that is correct. the scene was borrowed from abu grahd, but had nothing to do with anything we did at the black fights. >> steve: that's hollywood. but then again, people look at that and they're going to go,
5:18 am
oh, we heard it was torture. that's torture! >> yeah. that is the greatest concern that i have that millions of people around the world are going to go see this movie and are going to think that the c.i.a. involved itself in this teach activity, which is very unfair. >> brian: in your book, you talk about the enhanced interrogation practices, that led to getting information that stopped future attacks and led to the capture of other high ranking al-qaeda members. you stand by those tactics, correct, even though we don't do them anymore? >> i stand by them 100%. the bottom line, as the enhanced interrogation program not only allowed us to get bin laden, but allowed us to destroy the al-qaeda organization that attacked us for ten years we were at it and the enhanced interrogation program was a key factor. >> steve: and that's the headline right there, jose. a lot of people don't realize that the enhanced interrogation techniques that you used and it wasn't waterboarding, you got some information -- >> brian: you did use it.
5:19 am
>> steve: you did, but not on one guy. the goo i's name -- guy's name is not out there. but you used some technique that was legal on this guy and it led to the courier and that led to bin laden. >> there were only three guys that were waterboarded and they were big terrorists. the last one, khalid sheikh mohammed was 2003. the rest of them was just a different enhanced interrogation technique that were permitted and were all legal. >> steve: like sleep deprivation, things like that. >> right. sleep deprivation and a slap and grabbing by the collar. they're all out there. they have been cleared and released by the obama administration. so everybody can look them up. >> brian: your book goes into detail about what did you and who did you it to and you don't run from it, you stand by it. but you think it's important to bring up that these enhanced interrogation practices were something that was totally green lighted by the administration
5:20 am
and were taped. you decided to destroy those -- not you, but you guys decided to destroy those tapes, so we don't know what khalid sheikh mohammed was doing. why did you destroy the tapes? >> i destroyed the tapes to protect the people who work for me and whose face and identities were shown on those tapes. it had nothing to do with trying to hide anything because i think that most people do not know that there is a complete written record about what is on those tapes. that record will -- were checked by the office of general council and the office of the ieg to make sure the written record actually reflected what was on the tapes. so that was the reason. >> steve: nobody is ever going to see those tapes, but they will see the movie that opens wide this weekend. so your message to america regarding the movie is? >> don't believe the torture scenes because they did not
5:21 am
happen, but focus on the fact that this was a ten-year effort and that the agency was at the center and big focus of the effort and that this was a ten-year marathon and not a last-minute spring ordered by a new president. >> steve: thanks to a lot of the professionals at the c.i.a., eventually they got their man. jose rodriguez, we thank you very much for joining us live from the dc bureau. >> brian: author of "hard measures" which goes into detail about what was done. straight ahead, a new reality show is making honey boo boo look good. it's about a man and his 11 baby mamas. what does this say about the culture in this country? that's next. >> steve: then the sneaky way stores are trying to trick you into paying more for less. good morning, phil. i'm jennifer hudson.
5:22 am
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>> steve: quick headlines. later today, aig, the big insurance company, is going to consider whether to bite the hand that fed it. aig deciding whether to sue the federal government after we bailed them out to the tune of $182 billion. the suit claims the fed didn't give shareholders fair compensation when it took a gigantic percentage stake in aig. the government spent $182 billion to save them from collapse. they could have gone bankrupt. and deputies looking more like matadors in florida. a truck hauling a bunch of bulls crashed and three got loose. the deputy managed to dodge one attack, but moments later, the bull charged another deputy and
5:26 am
hit him head on. deputy bruised some ribs, but otherwise he is okay. dash cam video. gretch? >> gretchen: have you noticed your paycheck getting smaller since the fiscal cliff deal? in addition to taking home less pay, the price of groceries on the rise this year as well. so what do you need to watch for and how can you find the deals? the super guru is here to show us what to look for. good morning to you, phil. >> good morning, gretchen. by the way, you should know that steve and i have been talking about prices of groceries for over 25 years. >> gretchen: you're kidding. >> 'cause he's cheap. >> gretchen: did he come up as a saver on the survey the other day. >> exactly. >> gretchen: so let's talk about where people can save, you have chicken here. the price of meat has gone up. >> price of meat, poultry, pork, dairy. just about anything that relies on corn. corn is our problem. keep in mind that these days, corn is about $300 a ton.
5:27 am
that's three times what it was just a couple years ago. and why is corn be important? because it feeds the hogs and feeds the chickens. and only about 60% of corn is actual lea used for food. the rest goes for ethanol. and about 60%, that's 60% number, half of that goes for export. so that's why we've got so many problems. >> gretchen: there is alternatives? >> there are alternatives to these high priced proteins. we work with conagra food to get this message out. when we go into supermarkets, what happens is they understand what you and i are look for besides coupons. we're talking about using eggs instead of meat for protein. we all know how important african-american is, but -- protein is, but people are going to light life, meat substitutes, egg beaters, real eggs, and these are very convenient. breakfast, one of our trends for 2013 is that breakfast is now throughout the entire day. people having omlettes and for
5:28 am
lunch and for dinner. >> gretchen: okay. let's talk about this, this is an interesting trick. >> this is the bottled water. buy a gallon you normally buy. now look at this. there are the same size, right? >> gretchen: kind of. >> okay. look at the bottom of this one. there is this huge crevice in there. so this one is only three quarters and this a little bit more than five ounces. and you've got to be smart. when you look at packages, also ice cream. we all love ice cream. hagendaaz, same size as ben and jerry. ben and jerry is 16 ounces. >> gretchen: same price or equivalent? >> exactly. the problem is that all these costs are going up. so hagendaaz or a lot of other companies have to say, do we take the price up or do we reduce the contents? nothing is wrong with it, except let us know. let us be smart shoppers so we're not being fooled. >> gretchen: what are you showing me here? >> frozen, frozen, frozen.
5:29 am
people, especially lit by the millenial generation, still a lot of college debt, still underpaying jobs, still living at home, they're heading to the frozen food case. frozen food manufacturers, like healthy choice, are really upping the quality. the microwave technology, using fresh ingredients. if you like seafood, forget about that fresh seafood case. >> gretchen: why? >> because if you look at the little sign, it says previously frozen. >> gretchen: really? >> on all of those signs. head to the frozen food case. get the frozen filets. they'll be 40% less. keep in mind, they've only been frozen once versus being on a boat, frozen on the boat, then being defrosted, then going to the store, being put on ice again. so you're going to get a better quality. >> gretchen: finally, you say that for fresh vegetables and fresh fruit, although if you're going to eat it right away t takes great, but the nutritional value in canned vegetables and fruits is just as good. >> absolutely. in fact, that's a fact from the f.d.a. when they do their nutrition report.
5:30 am
the reason is that these are packed at the peak of freshness versus now if we're buying blueberries, they're out of season. they've been flown three, 5, 10,000 miles away. you look at products like hunts that are made in california. california tomatoes, processed right at the peak of freshness. >> gretchen: some very interesting tips. hopefully we helped some people out. thanks. >> thank you. >> gretchen: who has a higher approval rating than congress? >> we're here to deliver your new couch. it has a matching onto toman. >> gretchen: the new poll that will have cockroaches cheering. and remember this guy? he got so drunk on a flight, he had to be duct taped to his seat. if you thought the pictures were bad, wait 'til you see the video [ ship horn blows ] no, no, no! stop!
5:31 am
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5:35 am
not too popular. but what do you mean by not too popular? >> gretchen: would you believe that cockroaches are more popular? >> brian: yeah. they did a poll and. cockroaches, root canals, nfl replacement refs had higher approval ratings than congress. >> gretchen: who loses to congress?. john edwards. i don't believe this next one, kim kardashian. >> brian: how many people in this room had it with kim kardashian? show of hands? >> gretchen: all male room. no show of hands. there is scott. scott is the brave one. telemarketers and north korea. >> brian: he will do anything to impress you. >> gretchen: he doesn't need to do much. he's a great sipper and dancer. >> brian: he'll dance us out. as we go outside, steve, you know how i feel. congress can't win. if they compromise, they're losers. if they don't compromise, they're losers. i feel bad for congress. >> steve: you know, lucky for
5:36 am
you, i've actually am prepared to take the pulse of the nation because right here we have outside our world headquarters four young men. they're in their senior year at the university of rochester. as you can see, several of them are holding their resumes. they're going to a job fair, right? >> yeah. >> steve: what's your name? >> michael. >> evan. >> evan. >> griffin. >> steve: you're both evan? >> yes. >> steve: all right. here is what i'm going to ask you. which is more popular? congress or, and then we're going to poll you and find out what you think. which is more popular, congress or root canal? >> i would say congress. >> congress. >> in that case congress. >> congress. >> steve: actually, according to the survey, root canal was more popular than congress. let me ask you about the kardashians. which is more popular, kim kardashian or congress? >> kim kardashian. >> i'd take kim kardashian. >> absolutely kim kardashian. >> congress. >> steve: you're the right one.
5:37 am
congress is actually more popular than kim kardashian. what about livers and gizzard when is it comes to things to eat? fried parts of a chicken? or congress? >> everything in the chicken tastes good. >> i'd go with the chicken. >> livers and gizzards. >> steve: you like those better than congress? >> yes. >> congress again. >> steve: very good. there is no right answer on that one. >> brian: nice to know he's pro giblet. you made a choice on your favorite darren on bewitched. do you have a favorite griffin? >> steve: evan. >> brian: excuse me, darren. >> gretchen: evan. >> steve: we have two evans. >> brian: do you have a favorite? >> steve: i like them both. >> brian: okay. >> steve: and i like them better than kim kardashian. if she's watching and it's going to be on our program. >> brian: she's pregnant and just bought a mansion. >> steve: you fellows are look for work when inn what field? >> government, sales.
5:38 am
>> finance and marketing. >> finance. >> steve: we know there are people who have jobs. if you want these young men, you'll be at the job fair where? >> gretchen: why do they not have on coats? >> steve: because they're tough and go to school in rochester. that's why they're not wearing coats, right? and a job would warm them up. thank you for taking part in our poll. >> thank you. >> steve: very nice. let's take a look at the map and find out exactly how darn cold is it here in new york city. first, we show where you the rain is and some snow, along the great lakes down through the mid ohio valley, through the tennessee valley, mississippi valley, man, it is a frog strangler today in portions of texas. the heavy stuff just moving up. we're going to show you the next map that shows you how chilly it is in various parts of the united states. look at that. 16 degrees now in caribou, maine. that will freeze your giblets. and that's your fox travelcast.
5:39 am
in to you. >> gretchen: and your cutlets. >> brian: everything. it will be cold, is what you're saying, right? >> steve: it is in caribou. >> gretchen: i can think of a few other things. >> steve: right here in new york city, it's 42 degrees. it's not exactly freezing. >> brian: all right. >> gretchen: you're speechless! it's the first time ever! >> brian: i want toto see if steve is going to toss back. >> steve: that's your fox travel cast. let's go back inside to gretchen and griffin. [ laughter ] >> brian: okay. now i got the headlines. get back in here. all that extra pay you pocketed last year from the payroll tax cut, will be wiped out this year. it wasn't reinstated in the fiscal cliff deal. so it went up 2% for the average family, taxes are going up 1,000 bucks. if you add inflation, weekly earnings will go down, letting of the tax cut expire is one way democrats plan to fund obamacare. >> socializing u.s. health care is expensive and his second term agenda is going to be finding
5:40 am
enough revenue to pay for his first term agenda. you can not fund the government that obama wants by only taxing wealthy americans. >> brian: experts predict many will cut back spending which could hurt our economic growth. we'll watch. >> gretchen: remember this picture? yeah, that one right there. a guy so drunk, they duct taped him to his plane seat. now a video has more thanked of him with audio intact. you can see flight attendants ripping off the tape, placing it over the man's mouth. that didn't stop him. yeah. those are his moans. the 46-year-old drank whiskey, shah naps and then groped several women on the plane. here is the caveat. he was on his way to the caribbean to visit his fiance. >> brian: i just got a tweet,
5:41 am
it's ex-fiance. >> gretchen: probably. >> brian: i don't think you should marry somebody with duct tape burns on his face. >> steve: or shnapps breath. >> brian: all good reasons. outrage over a show called "all my babies' mamas." >> you guys, he might be known as a rapper, but here in atlanta, he's known for having 11 kids and ten baby mamas. >> brian: incredible. >> gretchen: then they play the brady bunch theme. >> brian: it's outrageous. so far, 30,000 people signed a petition to stop the oxygen network from showing the show. they say it's offensive, humiliating. the woman who stamped the petition joined us earlier. >> single mothers are saying, my struggle should not be packaged for entertainment value that as the press release again from this media company said, that our young female diverse audience can tweet and gossip about. again, children are innocent victims in this situation. >> brian: exactly. so to sign the petition, go to
5:42 am forward/nooxygen. >> steve: meanwhile, a new year means new gadgets. clayton morris has his hands on the coolest things hitting the market this year. he's in vegas at the consumer electronics show. once again, show us the cool stuff. >> this is pretty cool. i'm out here at the consumer electronics show. a lot of this prototype we'll see later this year, maybe in time for the holiday season. this is from urban hello. it's a phone, typical phone. you talk like this. instead of doing this kind of stuff that we're always doing, when you want to set it down, in the kitchen, maybe you're cooking, you plop it on the table. this is a speaker phone and instantly knows when you've placed it on the table. you can continue to talk. pick it up and continue talking. it works with your mainland line. you press one button and it will switch to your voiceover ip, other phone service. maybe you got the comcast bundle option. works with that, too. you heard of kick starter projects where you personally fund a project? well, what happens when one of
5:43 am
these projects fails? you don't get all of the money for the funding. that's where kristy street comes in. it's a great company that actually takes those kick starter projects that are great ideas and helps you still fund them. so here is great american ingenuity. press a doorbell button like that, and out front you can actually see with a camera someone's face on the street, it will send pictures right to your smart phone. you can see who is at your front door. then you have the lockett tron. you can unlock your dead bolt with your cell phone. if you have a care nurse coming to the house, this is a great way to unlock the door, let the nurse in. and here, this is the gadget that everyone is buzzing about this year. it's the lenovo idea center. i'm telling you, it's a 27-inch tablet. looks here like a normal windows apc, really powerful pc, kids can get down there with a mouse and the keyboard. shear where it gets interesting. flip it to a surface tablet
5:44 am
style computer. now kids can come over -- >> steve: it's a coffee table. >> yeah, a centerpiece, i can grab photos here, pull out some photos, drag them around, stretch them out here on the table. i can launch games if i want to pull up some hockey games, air hockey. i'm going to play air hockey as i throw back to you in new york. i could play an air hockey game from one side. this is going to go in the basement. this is lenovo, this will be out this summer, guys. >> steve: how much is that? >> that's live. this will be about 1699 for the base model. >> brian: you guys keep playing promise. we have 20 minutes left to the show. straight ahead, do americans have the right to see the pictures of a dead bin laden? we'll and it with peter johnson, jr. >> steve: then he's a daddy and he knows that the guy behind our favorite viral video of the squeak here with his entire family. that upside down kid included.
5:45 am
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5:47 am
5:48 am
>> steve: here is a question, do americans have the right to see the photographs of osama bin laden's dead body? that question now in the hands of a judge. let's talk to fox news legal analyst peter johnson, jr. judicial watch is suing to see the pictures. >> they're suing to see the pictures is an argument in the u.s. circuit court of appeals for the dr circuit based on a federal court's ruling blow that judicial watch does not have a right to see those 52 images of osama bin laden at the time of his capture and killing. they're saying these are gruesome. that they will inflame the world, that they're top secret under the law, that they're classified and that under c.i.a. law, they don't need to justify it at all. they say nope.
5:49 am
top secret. we're not giving it to you. judicial watch in the past has done a lot of these lawsuits to bring sunshine on important public issues and get things brought out to the public to know. it's a good question and i happen to side with the c.i.a. on this one saying, what do we gain out of this? the c.i.a. is putting out a 27-page affidavit by the man head of clan did he say tin saying this would be terrible for america. >> steve: you got to figure, peter, and i haven't seen the movie yet, but i've heard from people that when bin laden was shot, i got a feeling it was a little gruesome and i think if those pictures were released, it would inflame a lot of people. >> the c.i.a. says it's going to be used for propaganda against the united states and manipulated. they also say why should the world know about secret c.i.a. techniques and military techniques in terms of location, in terms of the type of
5:50 am
photography equipment they're using, the types of photos they were taking. they tried to identify him on the scene in their effort to insure it was osama bin laden and that the mission had been achieved. so in this case, i understand open government, i understand people's suspicions and stuff like that. but what do we gain as the american people in this coming forward? on this one i think the c.i.a. is right. i think the c.i.a. is going to win and the court is going to say the c.i.a. made the case. it passes muster as the court said, below. and we're not going to be seeing these photos. if you want to see a simulation, then i guess you can see the movie. it seems to be a disconnect because the white house helped in that movie, but at the same time, the white house is saying, you can't have these particular photos. if you want to see the video, go spend the 14 bucks to see the movie. i understand the complaint that on one hand you say, no, this is secret. but at the same time, you're
5:51 am
saying we're going to help hollywood put out a political movie. >> steve: which side is it? peter, we'll be watching. thank you. >> good to see you. >> steve: straight ahead, he's a daddy and he knows it. ♪ . >> steve: that daddy and his entire family next live. first, let's check in with martha mccallum for what happens in nine minutes. >> good morning. the search for a missing f.b.i. agent is heating up. we'll speak to his wife here this morning on "america's newsroom." and the president promised the killers of four americans in benghazi would be found. they would be tracked down. now the only suspect has been released. hillary clinton will testify on that. senator isakson and more coming up when bill and i join you at the top of the hour [ female announcer ] caltrate's done even more to move us.
5:52 am
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♪ when i walk in the room this is what i see ♪ ♪ everybody stops and they're staring at me ♪ ♪ i ain't afraid to show it, show it ♪ ♪ i'm a daddy and i know it ♪ . >> brian: joining us now, the man behind the video who is helping raise that family. chad and angela mortgagen and your five children. welcome to our show. >> hi. >> thank you. >> brian: so how did this start? chad, was this your idea? >> i can't take credit. it was angela's idea. she came up with the idea of doing an actual music video. last year we did a cd that -- musical cd that we gave out to the family as a white elephant present. everybody asked what we were doing this year. we were sitting on the couch and
5:56 am
she said, why not do a music video? the idea was born. >> brian: he's sexy and he knows it. the triplets were a surprise. angela, is he a help around the house? >> he is. he helps out a lot. i'm very lucky. >> brian: meanwhile, still holding down a real estate company. how much fun was it for the kids to do this video? >> they had a blast. every time we broke out the camera, they knew what was going on. they jumped around saying dance. they got to know the song. they still sing it today. they had a blast. >> brian: angela, does this represent the chaos in your house with five little kids? >> oh, absolutely. that's why you see the baby gates everywhere and -- yep. it's crazy at our house, but we wouldn't change it for the world. we love them. >> brian: it is funny. and your response, over 400,000 hits as of monday. how much do you have now? >> we're a little over 550 on youtube. and about 600,000 shares on
5:57 am
facebook, which for whatever reason, those aren't counting on youtube. >> we never dreamed that anybody would think it's funny besides us and our family and friends (angela, here is the hardest question yet, is chad sexy and does he know? >> you know, i don't know. that's an interesting question. [ laughter ] he's a good guy. he's a good guy. >> brian: she thinks -- >> she thinks i'm sexy and i believe i know. >> brian: you're a great dad and those five kids are very lucky. later they'll realize that. >> thank you. >> brian: chad and angela, thanks so much for sharing your family with us. back in a moment. >> thank you. >> appreciate it back at what our members have accomplished in the past 50 years, it's pretty amazing. ♪ i feel like i'm on top of the wod right now ♪ ♪ on top of the wod right now ♪ introducing a weight loss program 50 ears in the making.
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